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Welcome from Head of School
Angel Rubiel Gonzalez, Ph.D, '99

It is my pleasure to welcome you to De La Salle Academy’s webpage! 


DLSA is a place where the children of the poor and working class, immigrants, Black, Latinx, Asian communities, and others at the margins of our society can step boldly on the shoulders of their ancestors and reach for the hope of a better future. Founded in 1984 by Brother Brian Carty, his vision and foresight built both a community and a school. DLSA is proud of its long standing commitment to providing access and opportunity to a world class independent school education regardless of a family’s ability to pay tuition. 


Building upon its strong mission and core values, DLSA faculty have created a community that provides low and moderate income families a reason to have faith in our schools. Indeed, DLSA is not simply a school, it is, more importantly, a sign of faith. It is the faith that a quality education can be purposefully rigorous and personalized to care and foster the individual gifts and talent of each of our students. It is the faith that children do not need to leave who they are at the door to be a student and instead can participate fully and unapologetically to share all of themselves and their gifts in a loving community. 


While our children are always at the center of our mission, it is the caring adults to whom we entrust our children that are the driving force of our mission. However, being a faculty member at DLSA is not for the faint of heart. To teach in a school that should have never existed to begin with, means that the adults that show up at our school doors and perform miracles every day. This alchemy is only possible because the faculty see God, creation, and the universe in the children entrusted to our care. We wake up every day knowing that our work, no matter the odds, is bigger than a job description. To be a LaSallian educator, one must be a living embodiment of faith – a faith that through our care, support, and respect for our children, we become co-creators in the process of healing the human spirit. 


I hope that as you take a moment to learn more about our school, you find through our mission, rigorous core programming, our plethora of special topics courses, extracurriculars and partnerships, a place where over twenty years ago my family and I found a community that helped me see that another form of schooling is possible. 




Angel Rubiel Gonzalez, Ph.D, ‘99

Head of School

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