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Elements of


A De La Salle education transcends everyday school life, welcoming students and their families to participate in our community. Our students and faculty commit to live in community together through the following three principles:


  1. The needs of others are often placed before our own.

  2. Everyone helps everyone else. One needs not to be asked to help. One notices that someone needs help and lends a hand.

  3. We all participate fully in the things we do together.

  4. In Community, we struggle to accept everyone for who they are; gifts and talents as well as weaknesses and flaws.

  5. We will do no harm to anyone, physically, emotionally or spiritually.


  1. We demand the best of each other, academically and socially.

  2. We let no harm, physically, emotionally or spiritually, come to each other.

  3. We encourage each other to do and be our best in all areas of our lives.


  1. Our behavior is based on strong values of truth, justice, love and respect.

  2. We develop friendships with each other that are inclusive. This refers to all relationships, regardless of gender.

  3. We avoid any and all exclusive relationships. Dating is exclusive behavior and does great harm to the community.

  4. We behave toward each other with respect as brothers and sisters.

  5. We demand respect from and give respect to everyone.

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