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Against all odds, Brother Brian opened a small middle school in 1984 without enough money to operate beyond Christmas. Thirty-seven years later, the school has transformed the lives of over 1,700 graduates and is well positioned to continue the mission to serve “academically talented, economically less advantaged children of diverse backgrounds a life-changing educational experience in grades 6-8, where they are empowered to reach their full potential.”

Brother Brian has led the school through its inception, spearheaded the fundraising that made it financially stable, shepherded it through a major relocation of the facility, and guided us through any number of other hurdles and challenges with humor, grace, and compassion. He has created a unique and diverse community which has a lasting impact on every individual who has been fortunate enough to join it throughout the years. Anyone who has had the privilege to meet Brother Brian can attest to his unwavering and selfless dedication to the students and families of De La Salle.

This year, to honor this legacy, dedication, commitment, and devotion for the last thirty-six years to all “his children,” we have created the Brother Brian Carty Legacy Fund (BBC Legacy Fund).  The BBC Legacy Fund will go directly to support financial aid at De La Salle Academy. Brother Brian has never turned away a family throughout the years because they could not afford tuition. By making a gift to the BBC Legacy Fund, you will ensure that the next generation of families who need financial assistance can begin their own journeys and that the school can carry on the mission that Brother Brian started so many years ago.

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